Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A brand I am passionate about

First and foremost, I feel that it is relevant to list that I currently have the following gadgets in existence within my household:
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 2nd Generation
  • iPod 4th Generation
  • iMac
  • iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation
Therefore it is of no surprise to say the least that a brand I am passionate about is the globally known brand that is 'Apple'. For a number of years now, I have been enlightened and fascinated with Apple and their technology. As years go by, I always find myself purchasing a brand new Apple product, with the simple reason being I love change, I love difference. The simplicity of Apple products interest me and the progression in which is made on a daily basis always develops my passion for Apple. 

The lay-out and navigation structure is another reason why I am fanatical. With the recent iOS7 update, I seem to have myself obsessed and addicted with my iPhone as how can one brand completely revolutionize a phone through a simple and basic software update. In addition to what I'v mentioned, the speed of the menu system is superb and outrageously quick for a brand which makes well over $1 billion yearly. 

This is why I honestly love the brand Apple; and will continue to purchase their products as with every gadget, comes improvement, change and progression.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Final Completed Music Video

As you can see above, here is our final completed Music Video in which we have spent weeks and weeks completing. This is the final version and as you can see it has been very time consuming, but worth it in the end especially after seeing the end product. We have a number of different effects within the video which has been done as part of the editing process of our video.

I feel that our completed music video is of a good professional standard and the fact that we've spent a lot of time creating the video, the quality has definitely come across within the music video.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My Music Poster

Over the past week, I've continued with the creation of my Music Poster. I have changed quite a bit since the initial JPEG image I posted; therefore, I have improved the lay-out dramatically. 

Above is my provisionally completed Music Video poster. I say the term provisionally, simply because I aim to gain audience feedback from this poster and seek to improve based on the feedback I will be receiving.  

What I like about the poster?
  • The text colour looks good, creative and visually interesting
  • The band details work well
  • The main background image fits the poster and represents the band in a positive light
  • The image has all of the necessary information and therefore serves it's purpose which is to promote the band
Here above I have created and developed this poster on Adobe Photoshop. I feel that I have improved this poster by adding a better style and colour font. In addition to this, I have included where the album is available to be downloaded from as well as an image of the album cover. I also have the bands website address on the poster.